Tell Us What Happens In Your Micro Business

In addition to being a hot bed of creativity and innovation, Micro Businesses are really important to the UK economy. Here’s what we discovered…

Thanks to Rachel Perry Social Media (@RachelPerry01) for creating the infographic.

What happens in your micro business?

Does this infographic resonate with you, does it represent your micro business? What have we missed?

Please tell us in the comments below…

Georgina El Morshdy

Georgina is the wordsmith at Gem Writing & specialises in helping micro business owners communicate their message through words that do justice to their business.

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  1. My micro business happens at my home. My desk is a hub of creativity activity and idea generation where I write words that allow customers to think “I want / need that”. I’m surrounded by captured thoughts on post-it’s, piles of paper research and I’m forever hooked up to my iMac (which I just love). I stay connected to the outside world through social media – OK Twitter is my favourite, and I think Skype is an amazing tool for conversations with clients, and touching base with my Hub partner Jo. I love to research and learn and I get a buzz meeting other micro business owners and discovering what drives them. I’m a big advocate of the Entrepreneur’s Circle for keeping me business focused on what I need to do to run a successful business and I’m constantly thinking “what can I do next?”

    Sometimes it’s hard, but would I change it? Not for a second 🙂
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  2. Nice Infographic Georgina! Last year I blogged ( ) about a couple of Infographics (one UK based, the other US) produced regarding sole traders and small businesses respectively which covered issues such as motivation, confidence, social media etc. There was quite a bit of discussion online about this and much support for trying to produce something similar to capture the essence of micro businesses in the UK so it’s good to see you having a go at this.

    One of the biggest issues for micros is of course that of accessing funding, so it would be great to get a picture of how the enterprises are being funded at start-up and ongoing.

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