How To Guest Blog To Build Your Authority And Attract More Traffic

Blogging is good for micro businesses.

But effective guest blogging can be even better.

Guest blogging involves writing content for someone else’s blog. In return you get the stage, the microphone and credit as the author.

Now at first glance it may seem strange to write content for free and then give it to another site. After all, wouldn’t it be better to publish it on your own website?

Well actually, not necessarily.

You see, guest blogging is a smart marketing strategy that can build your authority and attract more traffic.

And here’s how…

1. Gain new fans, followers and customers

Guest blogging provides a stage for you to star on and a platform to reach out to a whole new audience.

Get the right gig and it’s an unmissable opportunity. That’s because if visitors like what they read, you’ll attract a whole stream of new traffic to your website.

I regularly guest blog on relevant websites and as a result I’ve gained new subscribers, followers and even customers.

What’s more guesting on an authoritative website can do wonders for your reputation and exposure. Here’s why:

  1. By appearing, the website owner is effectively vouching for your credibility. If you can guest on a top site for your niche, it’s likely you will see instant results.
  2. Think of it like touring. If you always show up in the same spot (i.e. just on your blog) you’ll have a very narrow reach. But if you appear in lots of “good” places, your credibility starts to grow.
  3. Your blogging tone should not be salesy. Instead you want to talk authoritatively about your niche knowledge and experience. People read blogs for useful, relevant information. And if your blog solves their problem or provides information that gets them results, they’ll come back for more.

2. Gain more traffic

If you want to raise your online profile you cannot keep your website in isolation.

Building incoming links is an essential strategy to boost your search engine rankings. If you blog and create great, sharable content you will naturally attract back links as other websites will link to you.

However guest blogging takes this a step further.

It provides an opportunity to proactively build those valuable links.

Chris Dyson, an SEO consultant at Roots Web Solutions agrees.

“I can’t recommend guest blogging as a scalable and long lasting link building technique enough”.

And the reason? Because it’s a simple, legitimate and organic way to build keyword rich anchor text links from reputable websites back to your own. But a word of warning. Be sure to get those links right. Only include links that are relevant or that add to the reader’s experience and enjoyment of your blog.

James Agate from Sky Rocket SEO agrees:

“We also want to make sure that your brand reputation remains in-tact and in most cases enhanced. Nothing can be more of a turn-off to a blog reader than an irrelevant link which has been shoe-horned into an unrelated blog”.

Most guest blogging opportunities allow you to have an author bio. It’s a great opportunity to weave a link or two back to your website. And on occasions it may also be appropriate to link from the body of the blog, although check with the blog owner on their rules.

Blogging for traffic is a huge topic. If you’d like to discover more, check out this short video podcast from Koozai’s James Perrin. It eloquently delivers a useful summary of the benefits of guest blogging for your website’s SEO.

Warning: Don’t sing out of tune…

So we’re clear on the benefits guest blogging. But to maximise these advantages you need to get your strategy right.

Here are five essential tips:

1. Do your research.

Get your gig right. You want to be appear on blogs that are relevant to your business to really get value in return. However also look out for complementary opportunities. For example, if you’re a copywriter you don’t just have to appear on copywriting blogs. There are links with social media, blogging, SEO, business etc. So look for sites where the audience would be interested in the fresh perspective that your expertise can offer.

2. Build relationships with blog owners.

Once you’ve got your hit list, you need to get on the radar of the blog owner. You need to build a relationship and get noticed. If you’re targeting an A-lister, expect them to be busy and not short on offers so to start with build that rapport. Use social media, be active on their blog, leave thought provoking comments and show up. It will pay off when you submit your guest blogging proposal.

3. Always submit your best content in a guest blog.

It sounds like a paradox but to get the best response from your guest appearance, you’ll want to show off your best stuff. What’s more on a popular blog, the owner would have invested love, sweat and tears to build their credibly. They will be protective and strict about what they post. So be courteous and show you respect and understand what the blog owner expects – then deliver it.

4. Get the topic and content right.

Make sure you get a feel for your new audience and write directly for them. Invest time reading existing blog posts and explore the comments section. You may find you need a slightly different tone or approach than you would on your own blog.

5. Respond to comments.

One of the cool things about a blog is the possible interaction with readers. Comments are a great way to build relationships with regulars and show you value their opinion. So embrace the chance to speak back once your guest blog has been posted.

An invitation…

If you’re an authority in a specialist niche, and your products or services are targeted at micro businesses, the Hub could be a good platform for you to appear.

So if you’d like to guest on our stage, check out the contributor’s guidelines and get in touch. We’d love to hear from you 🙂

micro business actionToday’s Micro Action

Identify 2 possible platforms for guest blogging then:

  1. Sketch out an outline for a possible guest post.
  2. Jot down some ideas for getting on the blog owner’s radar to pitch your idea.


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Georgina El Morshdy

Georgina is the wordsmith at Gem Writing & specialises in helping micro business owners communicate their message through words that do justice to their business.

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  1. Any more tips on how to find blogs to guest on?
    Jo Waltham recently posted..How To Contribute Your ArticleMy Profile

    • I usually start with a Google search using my keywords and some of the following phrases…

      “Submit a guest post” / “Submit post” / “Submit blog post”
      “Add blog post”
      “Submit an article”
      “Suggest a guest post”
      “Send a guest post”
      “Write for us”;
      “Become an author”;
      “Guest bloggers wanted”
      “Contribute to our site”;
      “Become a contributor”;
      “Become guest writer”
      “(Write for our) guest column”.

      I might also use sites such as Blogger Linkup or even Blog Dash to see if I can find people who are looking for content for their websites.

      If you are trying to scale your blogger outreach methods then it might be worthwhile using a paid tool such as BuzzStream in order to monitor the process and import useful metrics such as DA, mozRank or PageRank.

      I then prioritize the blogs based on how many RSS Subscribers, social media followers and the PageRank or Domain Authority (DA). This way I can work out who are the heavy hitters & the small fish and this determines the amount of time I will allocate to each prospect.

  2. Great article Georgina, since I started guest blogging a month or so ago my website traffic has doubled and there’s still an upward trend.

    I think it’s also useful to remember to follow up, it doesn’t just end with the post. As you’ve mentioned you need to engage in conversation. Read any comments and thank the people for their feedback. Spend some time responding to their comments and offering further information. Welcome the viewpoints of any negative comments and try to address anything they may have misunderstood.

    Jo – have you looked at ? It’s a community of guest bloggers. Also try Google Blog search using the term “‘your industry niche’ guest blog”.
    Kassia Gardner recently posted..5 More blogging resources to make you a better bloggerMy Profile

    • Hi Kassia. That’s great to hear you’ve seen tangible results from guest blogging. It really can help boost your traffic numbers which is something just about everyone is keen to do. And thanks for guesting on the Hub this week. It was a great article.

      And you’ve offered some really good tips for how to respond to comments. For me that opportunity is one of the really powerful tools that blogging permits, you can engage, on topic with people who are interested in what you have to say. It can help you understand your customer better as well as getting ideas for new posts.
      Georgina El Morshdy recently posted..About the Micro Business HubMy Profile

  3. Hi Georgina,

    Great post and some really good tips.

    I just thought I’d mention that the blog I run is always open to guest posters.

    It’s a business energy blog, but you don’t need to be in the sector to write for us. We’d love to have tips or case studies from microbusinesses; for example how you managed to get a good deal on energy, or how you managed to cut your electricity bill. You can submit guest posts here

    We also do Q&As – it’s not a guest post, but we’ll be happy to link to your website and explain what your business does, so you’ll still get some of the benefits, plus you can benefit from our expertise! You can ask a question here

    Hope that’s helpful.


  4. I agree, guest blogging is a terrific strategy for connecting with an audience that you may not already have access to. IMHO it’s crucial to identify blogs that are relevant to your own niche and to check if a blog has guidelines for contributors (I see you have).

    Remember, also, that if your contribution is rejected, not to give up. Ask for the reasons why you didn’t get used and you then have a chance to course correct and try again.

    There are very few occasions when a “no” is not a “not yet” in this life.
    Ash Mashhadi recently posted..6 Great Blog Posts You Shouldn’t Have MissedMy Profile

  5. Good advise as ever! I have a couple of bloggers wanting me to guest blog, thank you for the nudge to get on with it!

  6. Thanks for such a clearly-written & useful blog Georgina.

    As reletively newcomers to blogging your advice is so valuable. We’ll certainly be looking at the Hub’s Contributor Guidelines to see if we can submit an article on flexible working 🙂

    Thanks again

    • Hi Beckie, glad you found the blog useful. I think blogging is such a powerful marketing tool for micro business owners to embrace. If you’ve got a strategy it can work really well and I wish you luck with your own.

      We’d love to hear from you about contributing and I think flexible working is a topic that a lot of micro business owners would enjoy reading about. In fact I believe it’s something we excel at so please do get in touch 🙂
      Georgina El Morshdy recently posted..Blog Like An Expert In 4 Easy StepsMy Profile

  7. Hi,

    Looking for information on Guest blogging I found your article and found it very useful so have linked to it from my guest blogging post.
    Dave Holland recently posted..Guest Blogging – Finding Guest Blogs – Guest Blogging ListsMy Profile


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