No B.S Time Management For Entrepreneurs

No BS Time Management EntrepreneursThe ULTIMATE no holds bared KICK BUTT take no prisoners guide to TIME PRODUCTIVITY and sanity

Sounds appealing doesn’t it 🙂

After all, if you run a micro business who wouldn’t want more time and more sanity to ensure your business dreams turns into a reality.

And this advice packed book by super successful entrepreneur and businessman Dan Kennedy will help you get there.

Kennedy forces you to take a close look at how you spend time in your business.

Micro Business Hub Recommended ProductHe’ll help you get clear on what your time is worth (if you run a service based business this section alone will be a BIG eye opener).

He’ll reveal common time sucking vampires and show you how to drive a permanent stake through them.

And he’ll equip you with the tools, techniques and behaviours you need to build a successful business that fills you with confidence and validates the sacrifices and time you’ve invested to make it happen.

In short, the money you invest buying this book (and the time needed to read it) will multiply.

Here’s how you could benefit from this book

  1. Get clear on the  value of your time. If you know how much each productive hour must be worth in monetary terms, you’ll be empowered to price your services and properly assess how you spend each minute.
  2. Learn to differentiate between high value and low value tasks to ensure you prioritise your workload properly. If more of the high value work gets done, inevitably your business will benefit.
  3. Develop daily working habits to boost your output, performance and efficiency.
  4. Got clear on how valuing your time is closely connected with confidence in your ability to run your business.
  5. Discover and develop new highly productive habits to ensure you get more done in less time.
  6. Understand how outsourcing and delegation can be the solution that frees up your business to grow beyond its current capability.
  7. Become more powerful, confident and successful in your business.

As you know time is the most valuable and finite resource you have in your business.

This book could help you squeeze every last drop of productivity out of your working day.

But don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself and tell me what you think 🙂

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Georgina El Morshdy

Georgina is the wordsmith at Gem Writing & specialises in helping micro business owners communicate their message through words that do justice to their business.