The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Micro Business Owners

You might want to ask yourself another question instead… Do I want more targeted traffic from people looking for the products and services that my business offers? I’m sure you answered yes! SEO is the practise used to improve your website so that people searching in Google or the other search engines can find your […]

How to Get Search Engine Visitors Clicking Through to Your Website

I’d like you to imagine a box of apples. They’re sitting on the shelf at the shop. One Apple is nicely positioned on top of the box so you automatically always take that one first, right? Well, not always. If you’re like me you have a look at the box and pick some that look […]

6 Simple Website Changes That Will Boost Your Business

Let’s be honest. When did you last review your website content? More than six months ago? A regular update of your website can help you generate more leads, more customers, and more business. Because in the past months you’ve learnt more about the problems your customers face and how you can help them; because your […]

Seven Steps To A Website Optimised For Conversion

How’s your website conversion rates? Are you encouraging a satisfactory percentage of the people that visit your website to follow your call to action? Or are you consistently relying on attracting new people to check you out? Maximising conversion of existing traffic is more cost-effective and efficient than consistently trying to attract new visitors to […]

The Ten Signs Of A Highly Effective Landing Page

We’ve all done it in the past. Sent out email campaigns, set up Google ads or created content on social networks all with links pointing to our website’s homepage and then wondered why our conversion rate is so poor. In a sense you are gaining the interest of the visitor with your ad copy and […]

8 Ways to Get More Insights From Google Analytics

Do you have a website, but you wish to better understand your visitors and where they come from? Or what they do while they are on your website and whether they stick around on your site and take action? If you want to learn more about your visitors you can use Google Analytics to gather […]

How To Use Google+ Hangouts In Your Micro Business

For those of you who read my previous Micro Business Hub article about Google+, you’ll remember I’m a downright Google+aholic. I’m also not shy of extolling the virtues of the social media channel, which I implore you all to join (it’s not a cult…honest!), and in this article I’m going to look at one of […]

Is Google+ A Useful Social Media Platform?

There are various social media platforms which businesses can utilise to benefit their online presence. Of course, it’s wise to take advantage of all platforms to maximise the output and marketing efforts, but you should understand why each one is helpful in its own individual way, and what specific advantages it can offer you. Google+ […]

5 Reasons Your Micro Business Needs To Use Google+ Local

Want a way to make it to the first page of Google? Then check out this simple yet free tactic that your micro business can take advantage of. Google+ Local pages are Google-hosted web pages that show up in the search results for local searches. They were formerly called “Google Places” until May of 2012. […]

How To Set Up Your First Google Adwords Campaign

AdWords is Google’s online advertising platform – a quick and easy way for you to get your website in front of your customers. As with all advertising, it comes at a cost, but by taking some simple steps you can create a cost-effective campaign to bring in targeted traffic. Step 1: Research – What Do […]