Best Practices for AB Testing

It is time to get real about A/B testing. What is A/B testing, I hear you ask? The problem is that this is a question many micro business owners have. If they have even heard of the practice at all, of course, which many of them haven’t. No one has been around to explain it […]

How To Choose Web Hosting

With so many web hosting companies and prices varying from virtually nothing to over £100 per month, how do you choose? 1. Be Clear About What You Need Make a note of your answers to these questions: How much disk space will you need? Your web pages are unlikely to take much space but factor […]

Rafflecopter – making competitions easy

Running a competition is a great way to increase subscribers or social media followers. But be careful not to break any of the social media rules i.e. Facebook has strict guidelines on running competitions that require the use of Facebook  functionality such as liking a page. So what is an easy way to run a […]

Worldwide Attack on WordPress Websites. Is Yours Safe?

I woke up on Saturday morning to news that there was a world wide attack on WordPress websites. The initial report I read was on the PCWorld blog. After reading this I popped over to the Securi website to see if they were reporting it as an issue too and yes they were. This “brute […]

Social Media Tricks That Drive Traffic To Your Online Store

You’ve got a great product. You’ve designed your website to instil trust in your visitors. You’ve implemented conventions and design aspects to maximise conversion. And you’ve figured out how you’re going to take payments. It’s all looking good so far. But what about the missing ingredient? How do you attract those all important visitors to […]

A Micro Business Guide To Merchant Accounts

Those of us who have gone through the pain of applying for an online merchant account know exactly how painful the process can be. The question is, is it worth the hassle? Unfortunately, there is no straight answer. It very much depends on the nature of your business and your growth strategy. Most small businesses […]

The 3 Essentials Of Ecommerce Product Pages For SEO Success

One thing which never ceases to amaze me when visiting eCommerce websites is how many of them seem to pay very little attention to their product pages. After all, the product page for the most part makes up a good 90% of your average eCommerce site, it’s also the page which should convert the visitor into a customer. Quite important then. […]

6 E-commerce Mistakes That Harm Conversion Rates

One of the main reasons e-commerce works is the ease in which consumers can find what they want and how simple it is for them to buy it. When setting up your online shop, the last thing you want to do is make what should be a smooth process more complicated or unappealing. The rule […]

The Importance of Trust in E-Commerce

When someone lands on your e-commerce website they will have the following questions: Do you have what I am looking for? What are the variations, options, choices? How much is it? When can I get it by? And a final question which is running through in the back of the their mind whilst they find […]

Why Finagle’s Law Of Dynamic Negatives Matters To Your Micro Business IT

Apologies in advance for the bad news… But it’s a scientific fact that at some point your computer WILL stop working. It may be today, it may be next week or it may be in 7 years’ time, but it will stop working. That is scientific fact. It is also Finagle’s Law of Dynamic Negatives […]