5 Reasons to Consider Using a Virtual Receptionist

(This is a sponsored post) Virtual receptionists are an increasingly popular alternative to in-house receptionists, providing professional assistance to clients remotely. This is great for smaller businesses that have limited space or resources. Virtual receptionists provide services such as managing calls, email, and customer service. These services can be customized accordingly to suit a variety […]

Do These Six Mistakes on Your Home Page Cost You Business?

Let’s admit it. Writing your own home page copy is hard. Even copywriters struggle writing their own home page. Are you pulling your hair out? Can’t figure out what to tell your web visitors? Can’t decide what to write in your headline? Let’s have a look at the most common mistakes and how you can […]

Should you try to make your Micro Business look bigger?

There was a great question in the Homeworking UK LinkedIn Group a few weeks ago:   Should Sole Traders try to look “bigger” online? Or should Sole Traders be prouder of being able to offer all those solutions themselves?   As a micro business owner, the Internet provides many opportunities: You can work from home […]

Experiential Marketing Campaigns – What Are They & Can Micro Businesses Use Them?

Experiential marketing campaigns are fast proving popular with big brands, but what are they, and can Micro businesses take advantage of the same tactics? What Are Experiential Campaigns Experiential marketing centres around campaigns that have a very high level of engagement. Usually experiential campaigns are designed to leave a lasting impression on those that experience […]

The Mucky Key to Micro Business Marketing

Do you want your marketing to really appeal to your perfect customer?  If so, you need to get mucky! Our wheelie bin gets emptied every two weeks.  About thirty minutes after it’s emptied a local guy comes along in his van and jet washes the bin, puts a new lining in it and leaves it […]

Do You Create a Good First Impression?

Have you be watching the talent shows on television recently? I watched “The Voice” with my family at the weekend I was reminded of a timeless truth. First impressions count! A young man sang for the judges.  He was good, very good in fact but he didn’t get through to the next round.  Unfortunately he […]

The Importance of a Strong Brand

Creating a strong brand is one of the many challenges facing micro businesses, and it is also a key element within the business plan. So it is important to implement a brand strategy that is focused on the long-term success of your company. Many micro business owners spend little time focusing on a brand strategy […]

How To Market Your eBook

Authors should think of themselves as a micro business and should promote their eBook in the same way a micro business would promote their products or services. When you have spent so much time writing your eBook, you want to make sure that when it’s published you will achieve the sales you hoped for. Much […]

Networking Tips For Your Micro Business

With the rapid increase in the numbers of business events taking place across the UK, more and more people are realising the benefits that regular face to face networking can bring. Whether you are planning to dip your toe into the networking world for the first time or perhaps you are already a regular event […]

Traditional Field Marketing Techniques For Micro Businesses

What is Field Marketing? Field marketing is a form of marketing centred around interacting directly with consumers with the intention of converting them into customers. While field marketing campaigns can involve several different strategies, they are all heavily based on face-to-face, personal communication between brand representatives and the general public, demonstrating the value of a […]