LinkedIn endorsements – how you can use them to your advantage

You may be aware of LinkedIn endorsements. It was a feature introduced towards the end of 2012 to enable us all to tick a box to verify someone’s skill base. When you view someone’s profile on LinkedIn, a little box at the top pops up asking if John Smith has certain skills and expertise. Now […]

Hashtags on Facebook: will it work?

The idea of clickable hashtags on Facebook has been mooted for a while and now they have finally become live. But is this a good thing and how could it be useful to businesses? If you are a Twitter user, then you will be familiar with the liberal smatterings of #s throughout people’s tweets. Adding a hashtag […]

LinkedIn launches a major new site design

LinkedIn have recently launched a major new site design which started being rolled out to users at the end of May. The design change is cleaner and has fewer tabs, which LinkedIn say will make it easier for users to ‘discover and discuss what matters most’. As with any design change though, the ease only […]

Why you shouldn’t link your social media accounts

If you’re looking for a way to minimise the time you spend on social media, clicking the ‘link your account to Twitter/Facebook’ option isn’t the way to go about it. Facebook and Twitter both give you the option to link your posts from one to another, meaning when you post on Facebook the content will […]

Are you following the right people on Twitter?

Twitter is a fantastic networking and marketing tool. But when you first sign up and create an account, it can be a complete minefield. Who do you follow? The temptation is to click on the oh-so-helpful Twitter suggestions of who to follow such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Stephen Fry. But are these really […]

How To Optimise LinkedIn For Micro Business Success

The use of social media in business is now well established. While there are a plethora of guides on how to use Twitter for your business – perhaps due to how simple the platform is to use and how often it is already utilised by people in their personal lives – LinkedIn can be harder […]

How To Find Great Content For Your Social Media Strategy

So, you’ve got yourself a nice social media presence, with a good number of connections and conversations, but you’re starting to feel the squeeze a bit….It’s a common problem, but one that we don’t necessarily think of when we launch ourselves off the social media diving board. And that problem is …. Content! Now we’re […]

How To Boost Micro Business Sales (and have a little fun) With Vine

Move over Facebook – there’s a new kid on the social networking block, and it packs a punch for marketers.  A simple video app, launched in partnership with Twitter in January 2013, Vine gives you the tools to create short films, lasting just six seconds. It is currently available on the iPad and iPhone, but […]

Pinterest: A Beginners Guide For Micro Businesses

Pinterest is one of the newest social media platforms. It’s grown rapidly and has collected many enthusiastic users who love it’s functionality. But is it right for your micro business? If you’re yet to fully explore and discover Pinterest, read on and I’ll reveal some of the basics as well as outlining why it may […]

How To Generate Leads With Facebook

Business use of Facebook is expanding vastly as the number of users explodes worldwide. Facebook claims over 1 billion active users as of December 2012.  It’s a fair bet that some of them are people you might like to have as customers. We talk a lot about ‘building your brand’ and showcasing your customer service […]