Is Invoice Finance Appropriate for Micro-Businesses?

Late payments are one of the biggest challenges micro-businesses face when it comes to growth. Delayed payments can threaten micro-firms’ ability to trade, stifle their appetite for recruitment and in the worst cases, even lead to insolvency. A recent survey of 250 micro-businesses, classed as businesses with one to 10 employees, found that they were […]

What to do if You’re Being Investigated by HMRC

An HMRC investigation is a very serious matter and one that, as a busy business owner, you’d no doubt rather not deal with. However, once the wheels are in motion and you receive that dreaded brown envelope in the post, there’s very little you can do. Your best bet is to try and get the […]

Essential Advice For Saving Money As a Freelancer

There are many perks to freelancing, and flexibility is one of the biggest draws. However, while you may be flexible with your working hours and who you work with, you also have to be okay with a flexible income. It’s no secret that freelancers can struggling with irregular income. While you might have a few […]

Good vs bad: making the right debt choices

Debt is sometimes seen as bad business, but it can be a great way to gain a competitive advantage by providing the capital needed to seize opportunities that the company couldn’t normally afford, such as inventory or a large piece of equipment or taking on much needed help. However, how much debt your business takes […]

Can you really run your own business?

What sort of person are you? Do you like to act on impulse or do you normally consider all the angles before making a decision? If you belong to the first category, no doubt you have enjoyed the fun and the excitement of doing something on the spur of the moment. However, if you want […]

HMRC’s Good News for Micro Business Owners

Keeping up with changes in the law which affect micro businesses is not always easy. Today I want to highlight some good news which is mainly available to self-employed individuals. You may not be aware that accounts and your Self-Assessment Tax Return should always be prepared on what is known as an “accrual basis”. This […]

A crash course in cash flow management for micro businesses

Sifting through the assortment of failed micro businesses, time and time again you’ll see that poor cash flow sowed the seeds of failure. If mismanaged, poor cash flow can cripple a business. If you want to come out of tax year 2013/14 in a better financial state than you came into it then, you’re going […]

Five ways to get keep your finances on track in tax year 2013/14

As you’ve probably recognised, tax year 2013/14 could turn out pretty tumultuous. As such, you’re going to need to be on top of your financial game this year. Being lax with tax and forgetful with your finances just won’t do. Mess up, and you could face a multitude of fines or even worse, end up […]

Pension Auto-Enrolment: the good, the bad and the ugly

This article is aimed at micro businesses with employees, outlining how to comply with pension-auto enrolment. If you’re a freelancer you may still be affected, your legal structure amongst other things impacting upon whether you’ll need to comply. It’s quite complex so contact the pensions regulator to clarify. The Office for National Statistics has projected […]

What did the 13/14 budget mean for micro businesses?

Just under two weeks ago, George Osborne arose in the Commons to deliver his fourth budget, designed to build an ‘aspiration nation’ and help those ‘who want to get on’. As such, this year’s budget carried some good news for the UK’s micro businesses, Osborne appearing eager to ease up some of strains facing SMEs. […]