Warning: Are You A Boring Blogger?

Is your blog keeping your readers up at night, buzzing with new ideas or is it sending them to sleep? A blog is a great tool to attract visitors to your website, share your knowledge and build trust.  But, if you’re boring your readers, you’re not going to generate enquiries. Want to know how to […]

How To Boost Your Online Popularity By Getting Personal

Let me guess… You’re writing a blog to promote your business. But your blog isn’t exactly *uh* popular. Even some of your favourite clients aren’t tweeting, plussing or liking your posts. And far too often you see the dreaded ZERO comments. Something is wrong. But you’re not sure what. And it’s getting you down. Off […]

5 Ideas To Delight Your Email Subscribers And Grow Your Sales

This week we’ve discussed the value of permission marketing for your small business. As a micro business, permission marketing offers a cost effective yet powerful way to get on the radar of potential customers and win their trust. And it’s a strategy worth adopting. That’s because most customers will not buy from you at their […]

How To Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers

Have you ever tried pushing a car?  Perhaps if you’ve broken down, or helped someone who has? The first few steps are the hardest.  When the vehicle is stationary you’re pushing its entire weight to get it moving.  Once you’ve got it moving the weight of the car will start to build some momentum and […]

Here’s How To Create An Email Subscription Form for Your Website Without Using Feedburner

How cool is permission marketing? Being able to communicate with people who already want to hear from you! So how do you get their permission to send them your newsletters, blog posts and other marketing material? The easiest way is to have a subscription box somewhere obvious on your website. The most common and effective places are: […]

Now You Can Market Your Business Without Annoying Customers

I’d like you to imagine that you’ve just sat down to dinner with your family. It’s the end of a long day.  It’s your first opportunity to begin relaxing and forget about work for a few moments. As you start to hear about everyone’s day, it happens.  The phone rings. You leave the table and […]

Warning: Is Your Marketing A Turn Off?

With technology and the ability to instantly connect with people just about any hour of the day or night, it seems the world has got smaller. And with that, surely it makes it much easier to reach more prospective customers to increase sales. Actually, if you’re not experiencing easy sales right now then you’re not […]

Here’s What Your Content Marketing Plan Is Missing

Content marketing is important. Yes. You should make content creation a priority.  Yep. You should empower and train your staff to create amazing content.  Absolutely. Is that all you should do?  No. There’s something missing in the content marketing discussion that a lot of people aren’t talking about. Here’s the deal.  Right now, content marketing […]

How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Local Business

Do you like to buy from local businesses? Late on a Saturday afternoon I normally make a trip to a butcher near us.  I go to buy a piece of meat to cook for dinner on Sunday. We do our normal shopping at the supermarket but I like to get the meat from the butcher.  […]

20 Easy Ideas To Promote Your Micro Business With Content Marketing

Your primary job as a business owner is to find and keep customers. The success of your business depends on it. Which means regardless of how busy you are, you need to invest time in activities that attract prospects, make a connection and convert them into paying customers. Did you know content marketing is a really […]