3 Cloud Apps That Can Give Your Micro Business The Edge

We finish the week on cloud apps by introducing 3 outstanding apps which do not fall in the other categories but nevertheless can help your micro-business run more effortlessly – SlideRocket, Shopify and OrderHarmony. 1.  SlideRocket I like to think of SlideRocket as the Mo Farah of presentation creation tools! We’ve all seen enough PowerPoint […]

Online Accounts Software Compared

For any small business, managing your accounts is key. A pile of receipts in a shoe box is not going to give you an up to date financial view of your business. Here I review 3 popular online accounts software. Xero Xero (pronounced zero) is an Online Accounting Software package and is probably the world’s […]

Which Is The Right CRM system for Your Micro Business?

There are literally hundreds of CRM systems available these days, many of them aimed at the small business. Some are very bespoke to specific industries and some try to be all singing, all dancing. Today I’m going to focus on three of the more popular offerings. Capsule CRM Capsule CRM is UK developed and supported […]

Comparing Office Productivity Suites for Micro Businesses

The Office Productivity space has been dominated by Microsoft’s Office product since the 1990’s. However with the advent of Cloud Computing some real alternatives with advantages for micro businesses have appeared. Here we look at 2 of them (Google Apps & Zoho) and compare them against Microsoft’s own cloud version Office 365. What you get […]

8 Ways Cloud Apps Will Benefit Your Micro Business

This week’s series is focused on cloud computing and cloud apps. To start off, I’m going to outline the eight key benefits of cloud computing for your Micro Business. Benefits of Cloud Computing: Easy Implementation – The transfer of business information into the cloud is very straightforward. There is no need to install new hardware or […]

4 Reasons Google Apps Is An Essential Tool For Your Micro Business

Are you familiar with Google Apps? Google Apps is a collection of Google products. Together they offer functionality similar to traditional office suites all tied together under your own domain name. You get: Gmail Google Calendar Google Drive Google Sites… and more And it’s free for up to 10 users! Here are the top 4 […]

Warning: Is Not Having A CRM System Costing Your Micro Business Sales?

  What software do you need to use in your business? Excluding any trade specific applications I’m pretty sure the top three answers would be: Email, Accounts and MS Office (or equivalent). But where does Customer Relationship Management (CRM) come in that list? I’m not sure, but I hope to show you in this article […]