Do You Make These Five Freelancer Pricing Mistakes?

“How much should I charge for my products and services?” It’s one of the first questions I get from a new coaching client, especially those just starting out with a new business or freelance career. Pricing can be a daunting task and one where many freelancers make mistakes that hinder their marketing and damage their […]

Get Rid Of Your Freelancing Sales Famine Once And For All

Have you ever experienced sales famine? Those weeks or months when the phone is hardly ringing, the enquiries dry up and you don’t know where the next sale is coming from? The feast and famine cycle can be fatal for your business and freelance career.  In times of sales feast you can be so busy […]

4 Reasons Your Freelance Business Is Already A Failure

Did you start your freelance business expecting to fail? I’m sure you didn’t.  No one likes to think of failing, especially when starting a new venture. Yet I’ve seen so many people start their freelance careers in a way that is doomed to failure, often without even realising. Do you want to ensure your freelance […]

6 Top Tips For An Incredibly Productive Daily Routine

Do you get days where you feel like you could have achieved more? That feeling of frustration can be common, especially amongst micro business owners working at home.  There are so many things to focus on, and so many potential distractions. So how can you work at home and still be very productive?  I believe […]

4 Steps To Sustainable Micro Business Success

(This is a sponsored post). Do you sometimes feel like you’re caught in the headlights? Seeing other businesses grow and move forward around you, but feeling like you’re going nowhere fast?  With never quite enough sales to pay you, or even pay the rent? You’re not alone. Through my small business coaching I meet lots […]

Hub Webinar – 6 Signs Your Website Is Ineffective

As a micro business owner your website is your most important marketing tool. Get it wrong and you’ll turn customers off. Get it right and you’ll increase sales, enquiries and credibility. How’s your website working for you? In this Hub webinar I’ll talk you through six of the most common mistakes micro businesses make and […]

Warning: Are You A Boring Blogger?

Is your blog keeping your readers up at night, buzzing with new ideas or is it sending them to sleep? A blog is a great tool to attract visitors to your website, share your knowledge and build trust.  But, if you’re boring your readers, you’re not going to generate enquiries. Want to know how to […]

How To Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers

Have you ever tried pushing a car?  Perhaps if you’ve broken down, or helped someone who has? The first few steps are the hardest.  When the vehicle is stationary you’re pushing its entire weight to get it moving.  Once you’ve got it moving the weight of the car will start to build some momentum and […]

Now You Can Market Your Business Without Annoying Customers

I’d like you to imagine that you’ve just sat down to dinner with your family. It’s the end of a long day.  It’s your first opportunity to begin relaxing and forget about work for a few moments. As you start to hear about everyone’s day, it happens.  The phone rings. You leave the table and […]

How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Local Business

Do you like to buy from local businesses? Late on a Saturday afternoon I normally make a trip to a butcher near us.  I go to buy a piece of meat to cook for dinner on Sunday. We do our normal shopping at the supermarket but I like to get the meat from the butcher.  […]