Should you try to make your Micro Business look bigger?

There was a great question in the Homeworking UK LinkedIn Group a few weeks ago:   Should Sole Traders try to look “bigger” online? Or should Sole Traders be prouder of being able to offer all those solutions themselves?   As a micro business owner, the Internet provides many opportunities: You can work from home […]

The Mucky Key to Micro Business Marketing

Do you want your marketing to really appeal to your perfect customer?  If so, you need to get mucky! Our wheelie bin gets emptied every two weeks.  About thirty minutes after it’s emptied a local guy comes along in his van and jet washes the bin, puts a new lining in it and leaves it […]

Do You Create a Good First Impression?

Have you be watching the talent shows on television recently? I watched “The Voice” with my family at the weekend I was reminded of a timeless truth. First impressions count! A young man sang for the judges.  He was good, very good in fact but he didn’t get through to the next round.  Unfortunately he […]

Why Micro Business Owners Undervalue Their Worth & What To Do About It

The small canteen was normally empty at this time of day. I sat at the table and started eating my lunch. It wasn’t long before the door opened and in walked one of the owners of building where I rented an office. He got a drink and sat down in front of me. We’d not […]

Top Tips To Avoid Home Working Burn Out

Do you remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? In their race the tortoise keeps a steady pace throughout, eventually beating the hare who get’s complacent and stops for a rest. There are many ways to apply the tale to a micro business, and today I want to focus on the premise that keeping a […]

How To Create A Marketing Strategy That Works For 2013

How’s the Christmas preparations going – everything organised? As a micro business owner, this time of year can be quite a blur. Organising Christmas presents, getting the house ready for family coming to stay, getting ready to cook Christmas dinner. All this on top of finishing off projects so you can take some time off. […]

How To Sell Through Forums

Forums, groups and online communities are great places to grow your business. I’ve personally found spending time in forums to be a great way to build relationships, generate enquiries and to find new clients. Here are just some of the reasons why forums are so useful: People: So much marketing is about attracting people to […]

How to Get Search Engine Visitors Clicking Through to Your Website

I’d like you to imagine a box of apples. They’re sitting on the shelf at the shop. One Apple is nicely positioned on top of the box so you automatically always take that one first, right? Well, not always. If you’re like me you have a look at the box and pick some that look […]

3 Freelancing Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur

Do you have times when you don’t find freelancing easy? If so, you’re not alone.  It can be hard going, especially when you’re first starting out because there are so many things to think about: Marketing your products and services Meeting your customer’s expectations Managing your cash-flow and finances Keeping a work life balance But […]

The Rudolph Giuliani Guide to Setting Expectations

“Under promise, over deliver”. – Rudolph Giuliani Do you ever feel like you’ve not met a customer’s expectations? Perhaps you’ve been too busy to respond as quickly as they wanted, or for some reason what you’ve delivered doesn’t meet with what they expected.  It can be a common problem for freelancers and Micro Business owners, […]