How To Use Product Placement As A Tool To Market Your Micro Business

Imagine… How could your micro business benefit if your product was featured in a TV programme or in the “editor’s choice” of a relevant magazine. And I’m not talking about advertising. Instead I’m talking about a different, possibly more lucrative, opportunity to get your products into the media. It’s called product placement and it’s a brilliant […]

How To Create A Winning PR Strategy For Your Micro Business

This week we’ve focused on PR. On Monday we discovered why PR should form an essential part of your marketing mix. On Tuesday we uncovered how to use Twitter as a PR tool. On Wednesday the secrets to a successful press release was revealed. And yesterday we heard a journalist’s perspective of the best way to build a […]

Five Simple Tactics To Use Twitter As A PR Tool

Twitter is THE PR tool for the 21st century. And for so many reasons: Used properly, it’s a brilliant way of lifting your profile, It can show people what you know, and It can help build your reputation as an expert in your field. What’s more, you’ll discover that Twitter is a powerful tool to […]

Why PR Is Essential To Your Marketing Mix

What are people saying about your micro business? What’s their opinion about you and your company? What kind of reputation do you have amongst customers, suppliers, employees, journalists and the public? And how are you influencing that opinion? You see, if you want to survive and succeed in business, it’s vital you influence opinion. In addition, you […]