Three Free To Use Tools That Stop Social Media Stealing Your Precious Time

Since the beginning of Facebook back in 2004, it seems Social Media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, the list continues and appears to be growing longer by the day. As an increasingly important method of interacting with customers, marketing your products and keeping abreast of the latest […]

Three Easy Ways To Share Files And Ideas With Anyone, Anywhere

If you regularly work with other professionals then it’s likely at some point you will need to share documents with them. If you don’t work face-to-face, the usual method of sharing is often sending something by email. However if you’re using different systems, this can raise issues of compatibility, as well as the fact that […]

Three Top Tools For Managing Your Jam Packed Calendar

However much you love running your micro business, there are certainly plenty of challenges. And one of the top ones for many busy micro business owners is how to manage your time. If you regularly find yourself starting the week with a ‘to do’ list containing a million and one items (giving you a headache […]