Combine Email Marketing With Social Media For Better Business

Email marketing and social media marketing. It’s not an either or proposition. In fact they go together like Morecambe and Wise, Rhubarb and Custard, Mr Burns and Smithers! Both email marketing and social media are different, and both can be effective on their own. But if you combine your email marketing with your social media […]

Here’s How To Make Your Email Newsletter A Must Read

If you’ve ever subscribed to a magazine the chances are that you subscribed in order further your knowledge on a particular area and enjoy the experience of reading about that subject. Then, over time, that magazine subscription becomes like old friend who comes to visit on a regular basis. Email newsletters are a lot like […]

How To Create Your Email Marketing Campaign In Five Easy Steps

Email marketing isn’t dead and it hasn’t been replaced by social media. In fact according to a new study by Blue Kangaroo forty percent of consumers enjoy getting marketing emails from preferred companies. It’s a great way to engage and build relationships with your subscribers with smart, targeted communication, and it’s not difficult to get started. […]

What Selling A House Can Teach You About Content Marketing

For me selling and moving house is one of the most exciting times in life: the thrill of being somewhere new, the restlessness of just wanting to get on with it. A friend of mine is hoping to move house soon and whilst talking to her about the selling process I started to draw some […]

The Art Of Selling Through Words

Professional copywriters use words as tools to persuade an audience: Their client has the answer to their particular problem. To motivate the reader to get their client’s product or service for themselves. This is the art of selling through words. Whatever you’re writing, whether it’s a networking minute, presentation, social media message, sales letter or […]

How To Write For The Web – A Micro Business Checklist

Writing copy for your website isn’t as simple as sitting down and writing about that you do and how you do it. Instead you need to create quality content that connects with your target audience, explains why you’re the best person for the job and satisfies the search engines so your pages move up their […]

How To Write A Super Successful “About” Page

Can I ask about your website’s About page? I’m assuming you have one. But what’s on that page? Do you talk about yourself? Do you tell your life story? Do you have your photo? Your About page is very important… As a micro business owner you’re probably familiar with the process Like, Know, Trust, Buy. […]

Here’s A Quick Way To Plan Your Blog Posts A Year In Advance

Are you staring at your computer screen wondering what to write about in your blog? Perhaps you’re just quietly ignoring the blog and, in a sense, hoping it goes away. It’s a fact that regular blogging brings in new leads and turns customers into repeat customers, which means more sales for you. So if you’re […]