How To Choose Web Hosting

With so many web hosting companies and prices varying from virtually nothing to over £100 per month, how do you choose? 1. Be Clear About What You Need Make a note of your answers to these questions: How much disk space will you need? Your web pages are unlikely to take much space but factor […]

Rafflecopter – making competitions easy

Running a competition is a great way to increase subscribers or social media followers. But be careful not to break any of the social media rules i.e. Facebook has strict guidelines on running competitions that require the use of Facebook  functionality such as liking a page. So what is an easy way to run a […]

Worldwide Attack on WordPress Websites. Is Yours Safe?

I woke up on Saturday morning to news that there was a world wide attack on WordPress websites. The initial report I read was on the PCWorld blog. After reading this I popped over to the Securi website to see if they were reporting it as an issue too and yes they were. This “brute […]

Grow Your Business With Our Free To Enter Competition

The Micro Business Hub has teamed up with High Speed Training to provide five lucky winners with a FREE training course of your choice. What’s more, it’s really simple to enter. Simply enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. How to enter: First visit the course list at High Speed Training to identify which course you would like […]

Calculate Your Hourly Rate With This Freelance Billable Rate Calculator

Just how do you set your freelance rates? In this pricing series we’ve talked about the importance of price v value, the significance of pricing for your target market and the confidence needed to value your worth. But just how do you translate that into an actual figure? Here’s one option. If you run a […]

The Importance of Trust in E-Commerce

When someone lands on your e-commerce website they will have the following questions: Do you have what I am looking for? What are the variations, options, choices? How much is it? When can I get it by? And a final question which is running through in the back of the their mind whilst they find […]

Here’s How To Create An Email Subscription Form for Your Website Without Using Feedburner

How cool is permission marketing? Being able to communicate with people who already want to hear from you! So how do you get their permission to send them your newsletters, blog posts and other marketing material? The easiest way is to have a subscription box somewhere obvious on your website. The most common and effective places are: […]

Can you get a website for less than £1000?

It used to be that if you wanted a website, especially an online shop, then you had to employ a website design agency to build one for you, taking both time and money. In the last decade the development of hosted web solutions means that you can get online quicker and cheaper than ever before. […]

Website Tips For Online Retail Success

Online shopping is a very different experience. It’s not like browsing in a physical shop. Here your eye can wonder freely over the rails and shelves to spot those spontaneous purchases. What’s more, the shop owner can affect your mood with music and scent, and create a multi-sensory experience by encouraging you to touch, feel […]

Warning: Do You Spend Too Much Time On Social Media?

Hands up if you love social media? Not surprising. After all it’s a great marketing tool and a fantastic way to get customers talking about your micro business.  However without careful planning and management, there is a risk it can absorb too much of your time. And because time is money, smart micro business owners increase […]