Do These Six Mistakes on Your Home Page Cost You Business?

Let’s admit it. Writing your own home page copy is hard. Even copywriters struggle writing their own home page. Are you pulling your hair out? Can’t figure out what to tell your web visitors? Can’t decide what to write in your headline? Let’s have a look at the most common mistakes and how you can […]

A Cheat Sheet for Marketing Your Micro Business

Networking events. Phone calls. Business fairs. Direct mail. PR. Advertising. E-newsletters. Twitter. Pinterest. Facebook. LinkedIn. Etc. Do you feel overwhelmed by the endless possibilities to market your micro business? Do you lack the time to actively grow your business? It’s easy to feel swamped by a long to-do list. It’s tough to make choices how […]

5 Simple Tips for Winning More Customers with Email Marketing

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Instagram. Youtube. Google Plus. Flickr. There are so many social media options to interact with customers. Do you still need to care about email? Well… yes! Email marketing is an excellent way to stay in touch with and sell to people who’ve raised their hands to say Yep, I’d like to […]

6 Simple Website Changes That Will Boost Your Business

Let’s be honest. When did you last review your website content? More than six months ago? A regular update of your website can help you generate more leads, more customers, and more business. Because in the past months you’ve learnt more about the problems your customers face and how you can help them; because your […]

How To Boost Your Online Popularity By Getting Personal

Let me guess… You’re writing a blog to promote your business. But your blog isn’t exactly *uh* popular. Even some of your favourite clients aren’t tweeting, plussing or liking your posts. And far too often you see the dreaded ZERO comments. Something is wrong. But you’re not sure what. And it’s getting you down. Off […]

Do You Make These 9 Writing Mistakes On Your Website?

You’ve created a wonderful website. It looks good. And you’re so proud of it. But sometimes you wonder…. Why doesn’t your website generate more leads? Why don’t your web visitors stick around for longer? Have you made mistakes with your website copy? Avoid the following 9 most common writing goofs. And your website will convert more […]

The Secret To Raving Customers And Making More Money

Ok. Show of hands. Who wants to find more raving customers? You know the kind of customers I talk about, don’t you? Customers who come back again, and again, to work with you. Customers who tell everyone how brilliant you are. Customers who energise you. Where can you find such customers? It sounds like a […]