20 Easy Ideas To Promote Your Micro Business With Content Marketing

Your primary job as a business owner is to find and keep customers. The success of your business depends on it. Which means regardless of how busy you are, you need to invest time in activities that attract prospects, make a connection and convert them into paying customers. Did you know content marketing is a really […]

Tell Us What Happens In Your Micro Business

In addition to being a hot bed of creativity and innovation, Micro Businesses are really important to the UK economy. Here’s what we discovered… Thanks to Rachel Perry Social Media (@RachelPerry01) for creating the infographic. What happens in your micro business? Does this infographic resonate with you, does it represent your micro business? What have we missed? […]

Get Successful In Your Micro Business Now

Why did you start your business? Perhaps you turned a hobby into a profession, wanted more flexibility, or just couldn’t face being employed any longer 🙂 Whatever your reason, after the initial honeymoon period expires, you quickly discover that “success” (as you personally define it) remains a distant destination that is forever evolving. Because as […]

How To Write A Killer Home Page

How do you make an impression with your website? Or more to the point how do you make an impression to entice readers to stick around? After all, you may have less than a minute to convince a visitor your website is worth a closer look and that means you have to get your words […]

5 Simple Steps That Convert A Website Visitor Into A Customer

As a micro business owner, finding customers and making sales is pretty important. You could say it’s the lifeblood of your business. So how do you empower your website to convert visitors into sales? In copywriting lingo, the technique you must master to convert readers into customers is your call to action. Simply put, this […]

Clare Rayner Announces Independent Retailer Month A Success – And Looks Forward To Christmas Shopping Crawls

July saw a month long celebration of Indie Retailers with the global Independent Retailer Month. Here in the UK Clare Rayner championed the campaign and helped inspire a range of promotions and activities all across the UK. And the Hub got involved too with a week’s worth of articles focused on Indie Retailers. We were […]

How Modern Technology And Communication Tools Can Grow Your Micro Business

I think it’s a great time to be a micro business. Do you? You see, despite the recession and these challenging economic times, modern technology and communication tools have made it possible to set-up, develop and grow a successful micro business from pretty humble beginnings. And as a micro business, you have the autonomy, flexibility and […]

Blog Like An Expert In 4 Easy Steps

Blog week has covered a lot of ground. On Monday Dina Behrman explained 7 undeniable reasons to blog for business. On Tuesday Kassia Gardner outlined a simple strategy to help you get really organised and plan your blog posts a year in advance. On Wednesday Jo Dewberry talked about the importance of writing content that’s […]

How To Guest Blog To Build Your Authority And Attract More Traffic

Blogging is good for micro businesses. But effective guest blogging can be even better. Guest blogging involves writing content for someone else’s blog. In return you get the stage, the microphone and credit as the author. Now at first glance it may seem strange to write content for free and then give it to another […]

How To Write A Press Release That Gets Noticed By The Media

Would you like some free press coverage? Could you benefit from a simple formula to write a winning press release?  If so read on because in today’s article you’ll discover five top tips to help your news release stand out and increase its chance of making it into print. Are you using PR as a marketing […]