Proven Ideas To Grow Your Micro Business pt 1

You could say that ideas are the lifeblood of your business. They keep you fresh. They keep you focused on what’s not working and they keep you sharp. In fact, without a regular supply of fresh ideas, your business could stagnate. Now I’m not suggesting you need to implement everything you come up with. You […]

Social Media Tricks That Drive Traffic To Your Online Store

You’ve got a great product. You’ve designed your website to instil trust in your visitors. You’ve implemented conventions and design aspects to maximise conversion. And you’ve figured out how you’re going to take payments. It’s all looking good so far. But what about the missing ingredient? How do you attract those all important visitors to […]

Copyblogger Guest Post Published

Today’s post on the popular blog Copyblogger has been written by Hub Editor Georgina. The post entitled 30 Ways To Build The “Know, Like and Trust” Factor That Grows An Audience outlines a variety of proven techniques which micro businesses owners can use to build their online presence. Copyblogger is a must-read resource for anyone […]

8 Essential New Year’s Resolutions To Commit To In Your Micro Business

Happy New Year 🙂 Here at the Hub we’ve downed tools for a couple of weeks, spent time with our families and enjoyed the festivities. And now, after a quality break, it’s time for some forward thinking and getting clear on how you’re going to grow and develop your micro business in 2013. To help, […]

How To Sell Through Social Media

Social media is here to stay. And thank goodness because used well it’s an incredibly powerful micro business sales tool. To use social media properly you cannot lose sight of what social media is primarily about. If you omit the engagement and the interaction from your approach, you are doomed to failure. No one wants […]

How To Sell Through Your Blog

A lot of micro business owners make the mistake of trying to sell through their business blog. And whilst it is possible (and it is the theme for today’s post), that can’t be your only intention. That’s because if you push the hard sell, you’ll alienate readers. And the reason is because what reader’s expect […]

Seven Steps To A Website Optimised For Conversion

How’s your website conversion rates? Are you encouraging a satisfactory percentage of the people that visit your website to follow your call to action? Or are you consistently relying on attracting new people to check you out? Maximising conversion of existing traffic is more cost-effective and efficient than consistently trying to attract new visitors to […]

Top Tips To Ignite Your Success With Twitter

I’m a self-confessed Twitter addict. I love it (sometimes too much). As a micro business owner who works from home, during the day Twitter is my contact with the outside world. It makes me feel less alone. In addition it’s my main tool for online networking and a fantastic way for connecting with people from […]

10 Tips To Create Content Your Twitter Followers Will Love

Last week we held a Hangout with smart micro business owners to talk about creating content for social media. It’s an important topic. After all, if you’re going to use social media platforms like Twitter to grow your business, you need to ensure you have a  regular stream of content to engage your followers and […]

5 Ideas To Delight Your Email Subscribers And Grow Your Sales

This week we’ve discussed the value of permission marketing for your small business. As a micro business, permission marketing offers a cost effective yet powerful way to get on the radar of potential customers and win their trust. And it’s a strategy worth adopting. That’s because most customers will not buy from you at their […]