Warning: Are You Making These Five Needless Mistakes With Your Copy?

Sorry… But explaining you’re a “non-writer” is not a good enough excuse for publishing rubbish content. What’s more, you simply can’t afford to do it. Your prospects and customers are unforgiving and if you’re not dishing up what they want, they’ll quickly look elsewhere. I see it all the time. With so much content on […]

Why Walking On Sunshine Could Be Just The Ticket For Your Micro Business

I’m writing this post just after clearing away the remnants of a great day in the garden. It’s been blazing hot, clear blue sky and the kids have had a great time playing with their 75p water pistols (thanks Tesco’s!) bubbles and the paddling pool. In between crazed water fights and sun cream, my husband […]

Build Relationships First And The Sales Will Come…

Have you noticed that the winner of reality TV shows like X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent is often the most likeable? And this works in business too. In fact, I’d argue without the likeability factor, it’s going to be very tricky to find and keep enough customers to make your business the success you […]

Top Ten Productivity Tips For Busy Content Marketers

In today’s time starved world, the ability to create more quality written content in less time is a powerful skill. But how do you achieve that? To help here are 10 smart productivity tips especially for busy micro business owners who create their own content marketing.  1.    Create an editorial calendar To create efficiently, you […]

Why Printed Newsletters May Be Your Most Effective Marketing Tool Yet

As you know, customers rarely buy the first time they come across you. Perhaps it’s not the right time. Maybe they need more evidence to know, like and trust you. Or they could simply have stumbled across your business whilst browsing or checking out the competition. Whatever the reason, this fact has important consequences for […]

It’s Valentine’s day :-) Time To Woo Customers With Some Email Love

Just how will Cupid show up in your life today 🙂 And whilst Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get distracted by love and romance, don’t forget to shower your affection on the other highly important people in your life… Your customers! You see, micro business is about people. If a customer is trying […]

Here’s A Technique To Attract Customers Who Will Pay You More

What difference would it make to your business (and your lifestyle) if customers paid you more? This might feel like a pipe dream, especially given the current economic situation and an increased expectation to get stuff for free. However, it is a goal that is achievable if you put in place the right strategy and […]

Do You Make These Five Pricing Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid?

How easy do you find it to set your price? For sure it depends on what you sell. Some items are pretty straightforward, but when it comes to factoring in your time it suddenly gets a lot more complex. What’s more, if time is the biggest factor on your price (which is common for many service […]

Do You Hold This Key To A Successful Micro Business?

There’s an important key that separates business owners from super successful business owners. And it’s a really simple one. For sure you need ideas, you need to think like an entrepreneur and you’ll have a distinct advantage if you’ve got a good mind for business. However that’s just NOT enough to cut it. If you want […]

Proven Ideas To Grow Your Micro Business pt 2

Motivational speaker and trainer Zig Ziglar famously said: If you can dream it, you can achieve it. And the essence of your dreams start from those fleeting ideas that you have about your business. In part Two in this series of Micro Business Ideas posts, five more Hub contributors share the ideas they implemented in […]