The 3 Essentials Of Ecommerce Product Pages For SEO Success

One thing which never ceases to amaze me when visiting eCommerce websites is how many of them seem to pay very little attention to their product pages. After all, the product page for the most part makes up a good 90% of your average eCommerce site, it’s also the page which should convert the visitor into a customer. Quite important then. […]

How To Look Stupid In 140 Characters

I wrote a post some time ago regarding how to lose twitter followers which was a slightly (read: very) tongue in cheek look at some of my least favourite mistakes people generally make on Twitter. There’s something else which has been bugging me recently along the same lines. It’s dumb things to do in 140 characters or less. Or more […]

Six SEO Myths That Waste Your Time And Cost You Money

If your micro business has a website (and chances are it should) then it’s likely you’ve heard a lot about SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. If you have, then it’s just as likely you’ve also heard some of the myths around this process too. Because the search engines hardly ever come out and categorically say […]