Why Family ISN’T Important In Micro Business

I believe that family isn’t important in micro business… Instead family is everything. Without the support of those closest to you, it’s going to be a real struggle to stay emotionally strong and do what’s necessary to ensure your micro business is a success (and that it does indeed enable you to achieve the goals […]

What Do These Numbers Have In Common?

30 000, 150, 6 and 3 are all important numbers to be aware of when it comes to building relationships. But why? Read on to find out… Who’s in your circle? If you’re running your own microbiz you’ll be familiar with the need to ‘Network’. For some people this comes naturally and easily. For others […]

7 Essential Tips To Avoid Business Collaboration Disaster

It’s great being a micro business owner. You’re fast, nimble and flexible. And you can add LOTS of value to clients and customers in your specialist field. But what do you do when you’re faced with the possibility of losing work because you cannot offer a client the full range of skills and experience that […]

Warning: Is Isolation Costing Your Micro Business?

I get it. You like to work alone 🙂 And whilst it may be just you in your micro business, there will come a time when you need to (and you should) work with others. Whether that’s your clients, colleagues a collaborative project or through your informal support network. That’s because teamwork is such a […]

Getting To Know YOU – And Why It’s Crucial For Micro Business Success

Why did you start your micro business? Chances are you are involved in a ‘microbiz’ because you wanted to work on your own (or outside the control of a formal organisation). Or maybe because you were trying to be free from the stress of managing people and wanted the chance to get on and develop […]