Proven Strategies For Holding A Positive Attitude (even when times are tough)

A powerful way to combat stress is to develop strategies to help you adopt a positive attitude. For sure there will be days when you’re just not feeling it, however, choosing to hold a positive view of your business, your life and your experiences is an attitude that can be developed. And just like muscles, […]

Ten Tips For Empowerment In Your Micro Business

Adopting powerful strategies for feeling empowered can be a mighty advantage when dealing with the inevitable stress and anxiety that comes from running a micro business. Read on and discover ten top tips that work for me and which I ¬†regularly share with my clients. Which will be your favourite? 1. ¬†Have passion about your […]

A Micro Business Guide To Stress And Stress Management

I have heard it said that there is good stress and bad stress. Personally I am not sure I agree. That said it is important to experience some stress and maybe sadness because without knowing what it feels like how can you know and understand the feeling of joy and happiness? As we go through […]

How To Use A Vision Board To Grow Your Business

How do you plan for success? As a business owner, perhaps you first drafted a business plan on the advice of the local government business office or other start-up support services. You probably filled in a template, answered all the questions in chronological order and set about looking at the financial forecasting at the back […]